Zaylara's homeland in Faerun

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Zaylara's homeland in Faerun

Post by Truthful Nomad on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:02 pm

Zaylara is from the region known as the Moonseas. A particularly dangerous region populated by humans, orcs, ogres, and wolf folk. In the region of plains, glaciers, mountains, forests, and swamps, south of Mulmaster, lived a civilization of a Vampire like race whose culture was influenced by the undead vampires that live in the mountains. These Vampires intermarried with a wolf people known as the Kutta. The Vampires race and Kutta wolves died out and their mixed race descendants are known as the Kutmyre Vampires. The mixed civilization became complex and a strict caste system in which one's occupation for life depended on the caste they were born into.

The Kutmyres are known for their xenophobic views, they rule the entire region south of Mulmaster and hold the humans living there in a state of constant terror. Kutmyres still feed on blood and life force as their vampire ancestors once did and they enjoy hunting humans, dwarves, and elves for their need for blood. They still have fangs and their skin is white as snow, they all have black hair and their eyes can be of any color.

Their capital, Vipermoor, is on the eastern border of the Flooded Forest, a misty, stinky swamp that shrouds the city. Wizards and sorcerers hide the city with magic spells that keep invisible to all but the very trained eye.

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