The basic plot (for new commers)

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The basic plot (for new commers)

Post by Truthful Nomad on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:30 am

A group of humans from Earth, a group of people from Middle Earth and Faerun all get magically transported to a deserted island where they need to work together to survive. They come from different lands and this planet is full of hazards.

So basically this is a 'plucked from where ever you are and dropped on a deserted planet' scenario. The fandoms we are dealing with are Tolkien and The Legend of Drizzt as well as certain elements from our original novels. There is no real plot, it's more of a 'plot as you go' type of thing where anything could happen. But the basic theme will be survival. There are plenty of hazards, wild animals, mystical creatures, perhaps paranormal activity, you just never know.

Setting: The group settles in a valley surrounded by mountains. There is a forest, a lake, and the ocean is about a days hike away. The planet has some extremes of temperature with a tropical summer and a polar winter. When they got to this valley, they found an abandoned village in decay, it seems that the inhabitants died out. This is a very basic map.

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The rules here are simple. Be nice, be respectful, no god modding, etc. Don't kill off anyone unless given permission by the owner of the character. The characters listed in the character claim are all up for grabs, their bios are very basic to allow you to develop as you go. Original characters of your own will be added to the bio sheet as well. As far as limitations, well there is no limit on violence, blood and guts and torture and dark themes are all okay, as dark as you want them! Limited sexuality is okay, just nothing graphic. No bad language. Use this plot chat to talk about things like plot twist, including things like romance, stuff like that. The vast majority of the characters are already shipped up so be aware of that when making any OCs to interact with them. Please refer to the 'ship chart for that. The story may span many years and possibly decades for the characters so family plans should go here in this plot forum too.

I think that's all for now. Rules and addendums will be added as they come up. Oh and one other thing. If you join in you should try to match the pace of the role play. We all have real lives, jobs, schools, family so there will be times when things here are slow and times when they are faster but we should try to keep a minimum pace of a post a week. If you'll be away for awhile, let us know, you can o that in the general chat forum.

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